The Holidays are Here

Samantha Hunter

Posted on August 01 2018

The Holidays are Here

The holidays have finally arrived and the sun continues to shine. These can be testing times for children and parents alike. Yoga can bridge the gap between enjoyment and chaos.


Children look forward to this time and put so much energy and effort into their holidays but as time goes along the reality of what happens after their holiday also kicks in. Anxiety of what is to come can spoil their time so lets use the beginning of the holiday to preempt this and get them ready for their exciting future. Whether it is starting school, changing school, a new teacher or just general concern for the new term.


Yoga can teach them to contain and face any of their worries and return to a state of relaxation and enjoyment.


Yoga for Energy


For the days that are long and sunny helping to recharge their batteries. Feeling sluggish can cause children to squabble so if they know about the Downward Dog Pose and are feeling tired they can bring their energy levels back and rejoin the fun.


Knees placed above the feet and hands forward of the shoulders. Palms flat and finger spread. Exhaling whilst lifting and pushing the thighs back and stretching the heels down. Keeping their head between the arms not hanging, all of this gives them new energy by pushing oxygen to the brain. Stay in position for 1-3 minutes.


Yoga for Fatigue


The Cora Pose. We have done this pose in previous blogs it is such a useful one to know. It opens the heart and rolls the shoulders down bringing oxygen and relaxation. It banishes fatigue allowing children to resume what ever fun they are having.


Yoga for Calm


We all know how children can bring themselves to a state of excitement which boils over and can spoil the fun they are having. It is a great pose to teach all children who are visiting and playing together. It is the Consciousness Seal. Even children who dont do yoga will enjoy this. Seated, legs crossed ( lotus if they can ), hands on thighs. Index finger and Thumb together and the remaining 3 fingers extended and relaxed. Inhaling through the nose and holding for 2 to 3 seconds then exhaling through the mouth ( as in the previous blog ). It quickly brings calm and restores good will all round.


Yoga for Anxiety


The wonderful Cat Pose comes in so useful in these times. When children get together it cannot always be fun for everyone. Some children are naturally anxious so the much loved Cat pose ( shown in Blog 1 ) it the best way to help rid them of it.


Yoga for Mindfulness


This is such a nice pose to help remind everyone to be respectful and mindful of others. It helps produce a meditative  state of awareness.


Sit cross legged ( lotus if able ) pressing the hands together and thumbs on the sternum. Bow the head slightly dropping the shoulders. This pose can be done when at a school desk, perhaps when things become a bit frantic. Remembering their breathing it brings a calm beyond the Consciousness Seal Pose.





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