About Us

At Mimi Fitwear we are lucky enough to be able to bring you 'Flexi Lexi' branded premium yoga clothing and accessories to the UK and Europe.

'Flexi Lexi' is a premium yoga brand from Thailand which has broken through in the US, Singapore, the Middle East, Indonesia and is now available here.

It started when a pregnant friend of mine couldn't find a comfortable yoga bralette and designed one for herself - and it is now a great brand offering funky designed leggings, bralettes, outerwear and bags - for everyone yogi or not!

We are so proud to bring these premium products to you - we offer free delivery to the UK and payment is secure via pay pal or shopify. If you are not happy with any purchase you can return to us for a refund.

We are determined to make sure your experience of shopping with us at Mimi Fitwear is as great as the product!

Please contact us at contact@mimifitwear.co.uk if you have any questions!

  Flexi Lexi Watermelon Leggings and Y Black Nursing Bra

(trying out the watermelon leggings and the y back nursing bra for our fun yoga session)

About Me

I am Sam, mother of soon to be two lovely daughters.

I have started up a new business. It came from us living in Thailand moving back and wanting to do something I enjoy from home whilst I have my second baby (If that is at all possible). Yes I am pregnant with my second child and after living abroad as an expat one of the things I was looking forward to was being able too work again and get a small bit of independence back. Well who will hire me pregnant I thought? Anyway I have always wanted my own business and so thought maybe this is the time to try it.

How did I start with yoga gear then, I hear you ask? Well whilst I had been researching along came an opportunity from a great friend in Thailand of being the UK retailer for her Yoga brand Flexi Lexi. Fun designed yoga gear for all yogis, with or without kids! When I was living in Thailand I bought many of Flexi Lexi and Wink products for myself as I liked the unique design and premium quality. Her story is that when she was pregnant she couldn't find a comfortable yoga bra to wear so she decided to make one for herself. When it came back and was comfy she decided to share with friends and then it grew from there. Flexi Lexi became extremely popular in the USA, and is now selling in Singapore and the Middle East as well. I was honoured to get this opportunity to be able to share with the UK how great the products are.

So here we are. I set up a website, ordered some stock, organised my accounts and registered my name and there you have Mimi Fitwear. I will add other products, but for now we are starting with yoga wear. (trying out the watermelon leggings and the y back nursing bra for our fun yoga session.)

So if you are into yoga, pilates, running, cycling or none of the above, but like to wear fun design leggings and comfy bralettes then give us a try. If you buy and it is not for you send it back for a refund, we won't mind!

Sam & Lyla