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Why buy Flexi Lexi Leggings?

Samantha Hunter

Posted on March 15 2018

Why buy Flexi Lexi Leggings?
Flexi Lexi Leggings are like your best friend. They stick with you whatever your mood, make you feel good just by having them around and those fun graphics just make you smile!

But its not just the designs that will make you happy, its also how you feel when you put them on..

They have a really high spandex content which is what makes them so stretchable, lightweight and quick drying. The weight of them is just right. They feel soft on your skin and move with you.  They won't slip or go see through and they stay in shape no matter how hard you workout!

So if you want leggings that make you look and feel good at the same time then Flexi Lexi is the brand for you..

The focus is on comfort, fun designs, flexibility and functionality. They are bright large print leggings that are made from spandex and polyester. This makes them very stretchable, lightweight and quick drying. They are soft and shaping which makes your tummy look flat and your legs toned. Perfect for yoga, SUPyoga, pilates, workouts, jogging, surfing, swimming and everyday wear.

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