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Why yoga is a good part of every child's bedtime routine

Samantha Hunter

Posted on May 31 2018

Why yoga is a good part of every child's bedtime routine

If your child is unsettled at bedtime doing yoga together as a wind down bedtime routine is a great way to help your child through this difficult time of day, it helps to make bedtime more fun and relaxing for everyone.

A great calm down yoga routine for you to teach your child can be this 5 pose routine.


1) I am strong - The Warrior pose.


2) I am brave - The Downhill Skier pose.



3) I am kind - The Tree pose.


4) I am wise - The owl pose.


5) I am friendly - The Downward Dog pose.



The final pose is the finale to the winding down for bedtime. It gives children a sense of support. It takes oxygen to the brain. Whilst you are doing yoga with your child remember not to be anxious. Your state of mind will pass on to your child if you are relaxed your child will relax and bypass the tense time that can sometimes arise before bedtime.


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