Fun Yoga For Children - Some ideas to help your child with stress

Samantha Hunter

Posted on June 16 2018

Fun Yoga For Children - Some ideas to help your child with stress

I hope you found my last blog helpful and have had fun with your children and the child friendly poses. These new poses are a great addition to those and serve a great purpose.

I want to show you how yoga can arm your children with the knowledge they need to help them in moments of stress.

For some children starting or changing school can be a time of anxiety. It can be a turning point in a child's life. Yoga can pre-empt any anxiety they feel. This sets the stage for future situations where separation anxiety could arise.

Incorporating Yoga poses specifically for anxiety is empowering your child for the future.


The first pose

- Tree Pose. This pose creates confidence and balance. It shifts the focus from their anxiety to the still calmness of a tree.

- Mountain pose. This pose allows your child to feel solid and confident. Ask your child to close their eyes and whilst breathing slowly and imagine the view from the mountain, remind them of how solid a mountain is.

- Downward Facing Dog pose. This pose shifts the perspective of a child from their normal vision to one where they feel safe with their hands and feet on the floor, solid and supported. They should take 4 deep long breaths and as the blood flow brings oxygen to the brain their focus on calm will increase.

-Belly Breath. This is the strongest tool for your child as it can be taken with them into any situation where they feel anxious, This is a gift from you to them so your child knows they always have control. Taking 10 deep slow breaths deep down into their belly, suggest they see bubbles rise as they breath out. Their concerns are placed inside the bubbles and when the bubbles burst their concerns leave.

These poses add on so well to the animal poses and continue the fun you can have doing yoga with your children.


Yoga Pose Icons made by Roundicons from www.flaticon.com 

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